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School Meals



We are very fortunate to be able to offer freshly prepared hot meals at lunchtimes which can be ordered on a daily basis. There is always a vegetarian option and parents can pay for individual meals as required.


The menu operates on a three week cycle and all meals are nutritionally balanced. Alternatively, children can bring a packed lunch.


Click here to see the current menu -  https://www.myschoollunch.co.uk/hampshire/


Currently meals cost £2.15 per day.


Alternatively children can bring their own packed lunch to school, we encourage their packed lunch to be balanced and healthy, please see the information for guidance below.


During lunchtimes the children are supervised by Lunchtime Supervisors, these are our school LSA's. They encourage the children to eat all their meal and are happy to monitor the amount eaten if requested.


When the weather allows the children enjoy eating their lunch outside if they are having a packed lunch. When the weather is cooler we operate a rotational sitting system where the order of sitting will rotate each day, allowing each year group to be first sitting, second sitting, third sitting and forth sitting throughout the week.


Please ensure that all meals are paid for in advance, either on-line or on Monday morning.


The choice of a ‘blue’ meal (packed lunch) starts after Easter and runs until October half term. If you do not wish your child to choose this option please let the school office know.


If your child is late for registration they must report to the school office to ensure a lunch is ordered for them. However if your child arrives at school after 10 30 am a packed lunch will need to be provided by you.



Break Time Snacks


As you know we encourage healthy eating at FJS and our school kitchen staff offer a snack shop at break time for children to purchase healthy snacks.  The list of items currently on offer is as follows:-


Cheesy Bread               30p

Bread                             30p

Fresh Fruit                     30p

Apple Juice                    40p

Orange Juice                 40p

Bottled water                  30p

Milk                                 20p

Yoghurt                           30p

Rice Pot                          30p

Cheese & Biscuits          40p

Raisins                           20p


Occasionally they also offer healthy fruit muffins/shortbread/cakes/pizza and sausage rolls.

Children should need no more than 70p per day for snacks if they wish to purchase them from the kitchen.


  If children prefer to bring a snack in from home then please could you ensure that it is healthy, ie not a double choc chip muffin, chocolate bars etc.



School Meals Menu

Suggestions for healthy packed lunches