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At FJS we have developed an exciting and balanced curriculum which gives pupils a wide range of experiences and opportunities to develop the skills they need to succeed.  The result is a curriculum which ensures all children are interested and motivated to learn. Our school ethos ‘Believe Strive Achieve’ is one of encouraging success and progress and of building learning power and aspirations within every child. Our curriculum is driven by a growth mindset ethos which enables children to become effective learners in an ever changing world. 




We firmly believe that school should be about developing children’s learning attitudes and their characters so that they will want to go on learning for ever, and although this means very high standards in English and Mathematics, it means so much more besides. We have high expectations, working hard to make the best possible progress, but we have a great deal of fun as well and really value the laughter, enjoyment and variety that is essential in securing a unified and stimulating atmosphere for learning.






Learning Units

The curriculum is taught through learning units lasting for half a term, in which relevant subjects are combined to help develop children’s knowledge skills and understanding, around a common theme.  Cross curricular links are made where they are meaningful, however this approach is not always possible and therefore specific subjects are taught discreetly when required.  Throughout the Learning Units, we weave our learning dimensions (see Learning Dimension page) into the activities so that as well as acquiring knowledge and skills, the children are developing very important life skills.  Each learning unit begins with an exciting hook which is designed to ignite children’s interests in the learning.  The learning unit then culminates in an outcome which is shared with parents.  



The Hidden Curriculum

The curriculum is all the planned activities that we organise in order to facilitate the development of our pupils. The children's personal and social education is at the heart of our curriculum and we believe that the development of children as individuals, with their own strengths, interests and aspirations, is paramount. We believe that in order for children to become effective citizens, they need to have an understanding of both the wider world and their local community, including an understanding of British values. The curriculum includes not only the formal requirements of the national curriculum, but also the range of enrichment and extracurricular experiences planned in order to benefit the learning and development of all pupils. Visitors to the school and educational visits all contribute to bringing the curriculum alive.



A love of learning is the biggest gift a school can bestow.  At FJS we want children to ’catch a learning habit’ that will last them for a lifetime.

For more information about our curriculum come and see the school in action or chat through our exciting approach.

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